Join Waitlist

When is VOYCEMarket NFT Marketplace launching?

VOYCEMarket is expected in Q1 2022. We’ll send email updates of our launch timeline to those on our waitlist.

Who is eligible to join the waitlist?

You can join the waitlist if you are 18 years or older.

Why should I join the email waitlist?

By joining the email waitlist you’ll be among the first invited to join the platform to trade our NFT marketplace before the public launch. You will also receive updates about VOYCEMarket NFT Marketplace, including the official date of launch.

What is the referral campaign?

We’ll grant early access to VOYCEMarket NFT Marketplace to all those on the waitlist, according to their ranking. You can move up in rank by increasing the number of waitlist sign ups we receive through sharing your unique referral link.

What determines my position on the waitlist?

Your position on the waitlist is determined by the date you signed up and how many other people you’ve successfully referred.

How is a referral counted?

Once another signup uses your unique referral link, your placement in line is recalculated to a higher ranking.